Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the session?

Session editing is normally done within 1-2 weeks. You will receive your personal online gallery log-in information and you’ll be able to see your proofs, order prints and products, ask questions, and go over anything you need.


Am I allowed to pick the pictures I want edited or how I want them edited?

In short, it is a joint effort of our artistic styles to which images are chosen and how they are edited. If there are specific styles you are looking for, we will discuss that before the session begins so I have it in mind as I am shooting.


Why aren’t there any prints included in the price?

Session fees include my (photographer’s) time, talent, editing of all images, and a password protected online viewing gallery. A lot of time goes into each session. My work doesn’t stop once the camera lens cap is put back on. I take pride in choosing your best images, editing them in our style and setting up your online gallery.


How do I order my photos?

You may order prints through my website from your online gallery or download them and have printed at a local business. Never hesitate to ask me any questions about ordering prints because your prints are very important to me. Your prints are an extension of my work so I always want to make sure you get the best possible product.